Fishing in the Dominican Republic

I recently got the opportunity to travel to the Dominican Republic. There’s no way I would pass up fishing on the west end near the Haitian Border.

Two fishing boats, with a ballyhoo on hook, La Isabella, Dominican Republic.

Fishing boats at rest in La Isabella, Dominican Republic

Leaving the chaotic city of Santiago, heading for Luperon, it was obvious the area was not visited by the average tourist. The only traffic jams we encountered there were caused by a herd of cattle being driven down the road. It waslike stepping back in time, with donkeys being used to carry water as well as anything else the Dominicans could lash to their backs.
Artist Mike Williams with two mahi


Some of the wealthier families had tin roofs, but the vast majority of the homes were thatched. We flew in right after 12 straight days of rain, so the water clarity was somewhat affected. The fishing and diving were not picture-perfect, but awesome nonetheless. We still had plenty of Mahi and Wahoo to eat every night. We went to one restaurant, and had a great chicken meal. You know the meat is fresh when you see chicken feet and feathers in the trash.
This restaurant serves chicken

Fresh chicken served here

The many people we met could not have been nicer or more welcoming. One thing stood out to me, it was obvious they had next to nothing, yet everyone was smiling, and more than happy to invite us in for a meal, asking for nothing in return.

I left this trip hoping for an off the beaten path experience, I’m happy to say I think I found it.

10th Annual Islamorada Holiday Festival

Illustrated Christmas Ornament by Mike Williams

Illustrated Christmas Ornament by Mike Williams

Usually, the Islamorada Chamber of Commerce features only artists from the Florida Keys in their annual Holiday Festival charity auction. That’s why I was honored when they asked me to create a Christmas ornament for the 10th annual Holiday Festival on Dec 5, 2014, knowing that the only other outside artists last year were Guy Harvey and Wyland. It was going for a good cause, hopefully it raised a lot of money for my friends in the Keys.