West Coast Bound

I decided to take the summer off, having a busy winter season.  I was looking forward to a much needed break.  I have found in order to be creative, sometimes you just need to get away. My wife Teresa and I decided to take our seven-year old son Tucker on a month-long road trip.  It seems the best trips are always the ones that have no set plans ahead of time.  So our only plan was to head west till we hit the Pacific, then we would decide to head north or south.  On the way out we decided to stop outside Yellowstone for a week to visit with family, and do some hiking.  From there we headed up through Montana, Idaho, and finally hit the Washington Coast.  Although it felt good the weather was a little colder on the Washington coast than Florida’s coast in July, so we decided to keep heading south…..

Artist Mike Williams on cliff
Laid Back

I spent two weeks hiking and camping out in the Redwoods nearly 25 years ago when I was in high school, so it was great to come back and be able to share it with my wife and son.  For two and a half weeks we worked our way down the coast, if we liked an area we stayed a little longer, if not we moved on.

Mike and Tucker
Monterey Sardines

We made it as far as Big Sur and decided we should start heading back, taking our time to stop at Yosemite for a few days on the way back.

Tucker in the Neveda Desert
Nevada Desert

It was well worth the time to make some great memories.






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