Jamaica Getaway

After a busy season it was nice to have a break from the road in May. Just a few weeks off and I was ready to travel somewhere, not quite sure where. I asked my wife Teresa would you like to spend a week in Montego Bay, Jamaica. Of course she said yes. If you have never been to Jamaica and would like to go the all inclusive resorts makes it an easy way to travel. Even so, most visitors at the resorts never leave the poolside; you have to getaway and see the real Jamaica. I have found the best way is to hire a good guide that you feel safe with. I hired Alrick Allen with “Your Jamaica Tour Guide”; he was well worth the money. He was very informative about his native island and never made us feel rushed, which was important since I was taking a lot of pictures for ideas.

The best part is you can sit back and drink red stripe while he does the driving. Once you get deep in the hills it’s like stepping back in time. They live a very simple life, and definitely move at a different pace. Their simple way of living offered endless ideas to be used for new pieces I could create. Unfortunately, after our fair share of rum for a week it was time to head home.

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