How Oscar’s surf shack ended up in the Mike Williams Collection

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[av_dropcap1]I[/av_dropcap1]t was just starting to pour down rain as we were running down a dirt street in Dominical, Costa Rica. I stopped in front of a shack hidden in a forest of palms and banana trees. This would make the perfect piece for a future drawing I told myself. I had to get a photo of it. The next morning as my wife was horseback riding in the mountains, I drove back to get some photos.

Oscar's surf shack in real life
Oscar’s surf shack in real life

As I was taking shots a tico popped his head out, telling me to come in and take some photos of his collection of boards he lined up inside.

[av_dropcap1]H[/av_dropcap1]e was proud to tell me he built the structure himself, using reclaimed wood and anything else he could find to nail together. I told him I was an artist from Florida, and would be creating a drawing of his surf shack.

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We exchanged emails, then he posed for a quick pic, and was off to catch a good break with his friend, Kevin. I thought it would only be fitting for the title to be Oscar’s Surf Shack.



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[av_google_map height=’250px’ zoom=’12’ saturation=’-50′ hue=” zoom_control=’aviaTBzoom_control’][av_gmap_location address=” city=’dominical’ country=’costa rica’ long=’-83.862886′ lat=’9.249558′ marker=” imagesize=’40’]Oscar’s surf shack[/av_gmap_location][/av_google_map]



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